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Sparrow partners with Penji to make template creation easier for users

At Sparrow, we believe data should be accessible for all stakeholders in an organization; not just for the analysts working with the data everyday. To push this vision forward, we’ve partnered with Penji to make it even easier for our customers to create their own data-powered Sparrow templates. 

Penji is an unlimited graphic service that connects you with the top 2% of graphic designers in the world. At a fixed monthly rate, get custom design projects from logos to flyers, from digital to print, and even Sparrow templates. Just create a task in Penji, mention you want to create a template to use in Sparrow along with your specific requirements (leverage our collaboration guide), and they’ll deliver a Google Slide presentation that can easily be imported into the Sparrow platform. 

To showcase the quality of their work, the Penji team has created 3 free templates and made them available to all Sparrow users directly in our platform (check them out here). Interested in leveraging Penji to create templates in Sparrow? Get 15% off your first month with coupon code Sparrow15.

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