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Creating client marketing reports for your stakeholders can be a real time-suck. We created a tool to fix that.

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Creating marketing reports shouldn't be a time-suck

The old way

Digital marketing problem making report

Creating reports manually

Let's be honest, creating performance reports for your stakeholders is pretty painful. You need to login to all your different tools, find the analytics tab, copy and paste data into a spreadsheet, then take that data and design a nice looking presentation. Every month. For every client.

  • Login to multiple marketing tools
  • Copy and paste data to spreadsheets and presentations
  • Repeat the same manual process for every client

Our way (the right way)

The right amount of automation

With Sparrow, we take care of all that data entry for you. Just connect your marketing accounts to our platform, select a presentation template, and we'll handle the rest. Want to see your data in a notion doc or even your own website? We can help with that too.

  • Automatically create Spreadsheets and Presentations
  • Embed charts into your favorite project management tools
  • Manage clients with workspaces and dashboards

Get Your Time Back With Sparrow

Automate Monthly Reports

Design a template in Google Slides or Google Sheets (or choose from one of our pre-built ones) and leverage Sparrow to automatically insert metrics, charts, screenshots, and more.

Sparrow will make marketing reporting automize
Embedded chart destination from Sparrow

Sync Charts Anywhere Online

Create custom charts and embed them in your favorite online tools such as Notion, Confluence, or even your own website.

Dashboards For All Your Clients

Track social, ad, and email campaign performance on dedicated analytics dashboards. Create and share dedicated workspaces for each of your clients.

Analytics dashboard in Sparrow charts
Sparrow’s social analytics tool has provided great insights into social channels for our clients and has become an integral part of our content marketing strategies.
Mark Pumper
Founder & Project Manager at
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