Create and embed charts anywhere

Embed your marketing data directly into third-party platforms that support embedded content, or directly on your website. Charts refresh daily.

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Embed charts anywhere

Take your data and embed it in your favorite document or knowledge tools. Whether you're tracking website visits in a Notion doc or Social media clicks in a Canva presentation - Sparrow supports it all.

Analytics dashboard in Sparrow charts
Analytics dashboard in Sparrow charts

Charts refresh daily

Charts refresh daily, so you'll always have the latest data available without needing to re-insert your chart.

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Embed charts into websites, document platforms, or presentations.

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Pull in data from the major marketing platforms
I'm so happy I found Sparrow. I've been wanting to see all of our data in one place, GA/FB/Social and have one dashboard to work off of as a 'quick view'. It's a beautifully designed tool with easy-to-use navigation, intuitive icons, and fast.
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