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How To Convert Blog Traffic Into Leads


Sometimes people get frustrated that they have successful blogs for their businesses that don't make them money. Rather than worrying about monetizing your blog, try converting blog traffic to leads. Leads can turn into sales and make you money! B2B marketers who use blogs get 67% more sales leads than those who don’t! Blogging is a great way to get leads. If you already have a blog that gets a lot of visits, use that to generate leads instead of investing in other means of lead generation. Here are a few tips to convert blog traffic into leads.

1. Newsletter Signup

Visits to your blog indicate interest. The next step is to have customers signup for your newsletter. One way to do this is by using popups to signup for your newsletter once blog readers have scrolled past a certain point in your blog. (A popup appearing immediately can look desperate and cause readers to drop off.) JustUno or Popup Domination are two tools that will help you create popups for your newsletter. Another way to get signups is to place a newsletter signup option on the right side of your blog. This can be less of a nuisance than a popup. Get Drip or Hubspot are two tools that you can use to create side popups.

2. Call-To-Action (CTA)

CTA's are the best way to incite action in your audience. Your blogs are a great place to include such buttons, many blogs neglect to do so! Some examples of CTA buttons to include in your blog are social share buttons as well as a "Contact Us" button. It is incredibly important that your customers know how to contact you. You can also include a public email address in the footer of every webpage. For "Contact Us" or "Get Started" buttons make sure they stand out. Try using a bright and vibrant color, like orange, to make your CTA button clear and noticeable.

3. Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are incentives you offer your visitors in exchange for their contact information. It can also be a hook that solves a problem your readers/future customers may face. If you can offer an eBook, template, report, cheat sheet, etc. for free, people will be more willing to exchange their information for access to your exclusive offering. You can then use their contact information to convert them into paying customers.

4. Remarketing

If someone clicks a link to your blog article and spends time reading it chances are they will be interested in your business. Use remarketing to advertise to them after they have clicked off your blog. After reading your blog article it will likely be fresh in your reader's mind. Remarketing can also help mitigate the effects of blogs with high bounce rates or simply serve as a reminder that you have a product too that readers may be interested in. RetargetrAdroll, or Perfect Audience are all tools you can use for remarketing.

5. Minimize exits

Have you ever hovered off a webpage and been shown a popup? This is a great way to discourage exits. You can showcase lead magnets when a customer hovers off a page and looks like they will be exiting the window. Use HelloBar to place messages on exit zones. You can also add a message bot or message app to your site. It helps to have an actual person respond to questions your blog visitors have. Start by asking users if they have any questions as they are about to exit. Maybe they had a question and were about to click off because they couldn't find a solution. If so, you can help them and prevent an exit!


Blogs are a great way to build leads. Blog readers are usually already interested in your business. Utilize newsletter signups, CTAs, Lead Magnets, Remarketing, and Minimize Exits to build leads from your blog. Get your blog to make you money, even if you can't exactly monetize it!

About the Author

Nikith Deo is the Digital Marketing intern for Sparrow Marketing. He is an incoming MS IMC student at Northwestern University.

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